~The Vascular 15

The Vascular System

Designer: Fitri Ranatarya / Photographer: Harrison Tsui / Model: Hannah Hale / HMUA: Marlene Nesya

The 'Vascular 15' was a previous 2nd-year project that Fitri did base in her studio which was 'Transience'. The designer firstly inspired by the whole human anatomy body looks, especially the Vascular system. She amazed by how the vascular could support the entire body with multiple lines to hold the shape. She created this collection based on the PVC Tubes, Acrylic Paint and Glitter glue. The reason she chose this material was because she want to create an organic silhouette and want to recreate the shape of the vascular system on the body.

Ōvert /əʊˈvəːt,ˈəʊvət/

Adj: Done or shown openly; plainly apparent

This look is to demonstrate the first transition for the whole collections, with full sculptural pieces and details. It represents the system of vascular formation underneath the body that presented on the top of a body.


This look is to show the second transition for the whole collections, with half sculptural pieces and details that covered by fabric. As the sculptural piece represent the vascular system, the contrast material represents the skin. Hence, the main idea of this look is to show how the vascular systems start to reveal themselves from the skin.

Formed /fɔːm/

Adj: make or be made into a particular shape or form

This look is to show the last transition for the whole collections, with whole black sculptural pieces that covered by contrast fabric. The main idea of this look is embracing one of the core functions of vascular system – to form the body. Hence, the designer painted the sculptural pieces and sculpted it into organic lines to form the garment body, and also the black tubes represent the whole silhouette of the vascular system under the body.